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Family Portraits

The first three issue of Family Portraits was printed after an extremely successful kickstarter.

Family Portraits tells the stories of a group of unique individuals, and explores the awesomeness of their sexual orientations and/or gender identities. These stories celebrate the differences and diversity in our communities. They look at how our ages, histories,genders, beliefs and ethnicities shape our experiences of ourselves, and how we live in the world. These comics peel back the concepts of sexuality and gender, examining how we feel, how we identify, and how we belong to different overlapping communities.

Sam has been really lucky to chat with some amazing kiwis to create stories that explore a range of topics, like what it was like to be in a gay relationship before Homosexual law reform in New Zealand, and what it’s like to be a first-generation queer from a migrant background. This series is a first-of-it’s-kind in New Zealand (as far as he’s aware), and it’s all about celebrating our lives, our diversity, and our selves. Each story is told using a different comic style.

The comic can be used as a way to educate, breakdown barriers, and help people to understand more about LGBTI communities. The first issue  features ‘Queer 101’, a comic guide to sexuality, sex, and gender, it’s a resource that has been used all over the world to help demystify sexuality and gender. The stories can be used as educational tools, and conversation starters, to help people feel safer about belonging to rainbow communities.

You can buy the books online here:

Issue One: Physical Copy, E-Copy

Issue Two: Physical Copy, E-Copy

Issue Three: Physical Copy, E-Copy

Client :
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  • Ink and paper
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