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We Are Beneficiaries

We Are Beneficiaries is an online project in which a group of artists continue the conversation Metiria Turei MP started - demanding a more compassionate social welfare system. The project began with a number of artists sharing their experiences of social welfare in New Zealand. They drew pictures of themselves, along with a few sentences about their experiences, and posted it online. Due to the popularity of the project, we opened submissions to the public asking them to send in a picture of themselves, and to write 3-5 sentences about: • Their time on the welfare system, or • What they wish the welfare system was like, or • How they’ve been treated as a beneficiary We then assigned artists to illustrate the story, and we posted it online across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Click here to download the full report
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  • Illustration
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  • Storytelling
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  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
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